Chris Nye
Chris, born in Columbia, South Carolina, was raised in that same medium-sized, southern college town. From the beginning, the goal has always been to tell stories through words and pictures — ideally comics and graphic novels. 
Chris' path began when he earned a 4-year degree in Advertising (B.A. Journalism) at The University of South Carolina in May, 1988. Chris took the creative track in the journalism department, studying graphic design and minoring in Art. He later studied life drawing at the Columbia (S.C.) Museum of Art in 2008.
Chris spent two decades working as an illustrator, cartoonist, editor and graphic designer for newspapers, advertising agencies and magazines in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. 
He earned several awards throughout his career with the media — including awards for design, illustration and graphics as presented by the North Carolina Press Association, The South Carolina Press Association, The Florida Society of Newspaper Editors, The Florida Press Club and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.
A life-long fan and creator of the art of comic books, storytelling and illustration, Chris has always pursued this passion as a freelance artist and writer. After submitting work to various publishers over a 15 year span, Chris finally hooked up with the national small press publisher Mecca Comics in 2004 and fulfilled his life-long dream of getting his own comic book creation into print. The creator-owned character Brother Destiny was nationally distributed for two issues in 2004. During that period, he was able to work with former Marvel Comics creators Al Milgrom and Dick Ayers, as well as Marvel Comics inker Greg Adams.
In 2008-2010, Chris collaborated with current Marvel Comics writer Chad Bowers on the Bowers-created character Dr. Impossible, illustrating the Doctor's adventures in regionally distributed publications. He has also done work for the online comics publisher, Flashback Universe. He briefly illustrated Bowers' creator-owned character Monster Plus.

In 2014, Chris’ first children’s book, Smedley and the Singing Sword, went up for sale in digital format on
Chris completed illustration work in 2019 for Airship 27 Productions' published pulp novel The Wraith, a character created by Frank Dirscherl. 

Today, outside of his day job as an artist and writer for Lockheed Martin, Chris is partnering with author Mark Ellis to complete the Graphic Novel Lakota, originally illustrated by DC and Marvel veteran Jim Mooney. There are plans for further work together on future graphic novels.
Chris is also at work revising and updating his character Brother Destiny, for a new series to be published upon completion.
Influences on his work include Howard Pyle, Noel Sickles, Milton Caniff, John Romita Sr., John Buscema, Sal Buscema, and, of course, Jack Kirby.
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